Adjusting the Fixed Voltage on a Lionel CW-80 Transformer

A new or as factory delivered CW-80 has it’s accessory voltage preset at 12 volts. This may not be ideal for your accessories. Fortunately, Lionel thought to included a way to adjust that voltage.

To adjust the accessory voltage on your CW-80 follow these steps:

1. Bring the orange throttle all the way down to zero.

2. Simultaneously press and hold the Direction/Whistle/Bell buttons. This will cause the green light to flash and track power to be turned off.

3. With all three buttons held down, raise the orange throttle until you reach a desired accessory voltage.

4. Release the buttons. Your CW-80’s green light will go solid. Your new accessory voltage has been set.

5. Return the orange throttle handle to zero.

Lionel CW80 Manual pdf

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