It has been a rather quiet week on the Everett Team Track & Community Park. A few days ago, an NS boxcar arrived filled with goods for local retailers – mostly lawn care supplies, and outdoor power equipment.

The Railway’s Fire & Rescue Division stopped by to conducted training exercises. They’ve been itching to try out their new high capacity water car.

And this past Sunday, Picnic Train operations resumed.  The Valley Railway boasts the finest Picnic Grounds in Cuyahoga Falls, Gaylord’s Grove, Silver Lake, and Zoar.

This year, the Railway is promoting a new “Canoe Aboard” service. Sunday Picnic Train riders departing Everett can leave their canoes at the Team Track and have them taken to the picnic grounds in Cuyahoga Falls – for free! If riders are willing to paddle their way back to Everett, tickets are just half price.



There have been a few complaints about the difficulty of getting past the Edison Dam.

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