Billy Learns about the US Postal Service

The USPS Railway Post Office is using the Everett Team Track today. The Valley Mail Train arrived a few hours behind schedule which has allowed for some daylight viewing of the unloading and sorting process.

USPS delivery on the Everett Team Track

Lots of oversized e-commerce parcels on today’s train.

USPS Railway Post Office

USPS worker sorts packages destine for Valley residents.

Pat Donahoe is the Valley’s USPS Manager of Customer Expectations. It is his job is to help residents understand that packages can occasionally be damaged in the shipping process.

USPS Railway Post Office worker

USPS Manager: Patrick Donahoe.

Without Pat’s skillful work, folks would begin to expect every delivery to arrive on time and undamaged.

USPS Railway Post Office worker

Each well-placed blow helps customers better understand the uncertainty of the package shipping process.

USPS Railway Post Office worker USPS Railway Post Office worker

Billy Learns a lesson

Young Billy learns a valuable life lesson.

Home from school, and seeing that his new Lionel swing bridge had arrived in a mangled shipping box, it was time for little Billy to learn one of life’s difficult lessons: “I know it’s hard son, but you’re seven-years-old now. It’s time we had a talk about  managing your expectations.”

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