Vintage Christmas Poems for Children

Christmas Eve

Our hearts tonight are open wide,
The grudge, the grief, are laid aside;
The path and porch are swept of snow,
The doors unlatched; the hearthstones glow—
No visitor can be denied

– Christopher Morley

Christmas in the Heart

It is Christmas in the mansion,
Yule-log fires and silken frocks.
It is Christmas in the cottage,
Mother’s filling little socks.
It is Christmas on the highway
In the thronging, busy mart;
But the dearest, truest Christmas
Is the Christmas in the heart.

– Unknown


Winds through the olive trees
Softly did blow,
Round little Bethlehem
Long, long ago.
Sheep on the hillside lay
Whiter than snow.
Shepherds were watching them
Long, long ago.
Then from the happy sky
Angles bent low,
Singing their songs of joy
Long, long ago.
For in His Manger bed
Cradled, we know,
Christ came to Bethlehem
Long, long ago.

– Unknown

A Child’s Christmas Song

Lord, I’m just a little boy,
Born one day like You,
And I’ve got a mother dear
And a birthday, too.
But my birthday comes in spring,
When the days are long,
And the robin in the tree
Wakens me with song.
Since the birds are all away,
Lord, when You are born,
Let Your angles waken me
On Your birthday morn.
Lord, I’m just a little boy,
Hidden in the night;
Let Your angles spy me out
Long before it’s light.
I would be the first to wake,
And the first to rise,
In this quiet house of ours,
Songs of love and praise.
You shall hear me first, dear Lord,
Blow my Christmas horn;
Let Your angles waken me
On Your birthday morn.

– T.A. Daly

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