An End to the Shenanigans?

Isaac Has a Plan

Post-Easter holiday activity on the Valley Railway is keeping everyone busy. But, no place is busier, or more interesting, than the Everett Team Track.

Due to a recent rash of shenanigans being reported along the Valley Railway, General Manager Isaac Reynolds has ordered several LIONEL 6-2719 Watchman Shanties be assembled and placed at various points along the system. The first of these is to be glued at Everett.

Reynolds makes last minute inspections.

An assortment of parts was delivered but due to the holiday, unloading had to wait until today. Reynolds himself has been on site since early morning keeping tabs on the unloading process.

Checking the plans.

There was a bit of confusion early on when it was discovered Lionel had failed to included assembly instructions with the shipment. Fortunately, a copy was found and delivered via courier.

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