This locomotive entered service in 1865 on the Atlantic and Great Wetern. It was a Six foot guage locomotive and burned either wood or coal . It weighed 65,000 pounds. It had 66 " drivers and had 16x24 cylinders.

Making Tracks

Not far from my childhood home is a rail bed that once belonged to the Atlantic & Great Western Railroad. Many of my summer afternoons were spent patiently waiting along the rails for a glimpse of the local shortline freight train to pass. Those lazy afternoons gave me time to imagine what it would have been like to see a mighty A&GW train rumble pass.

Recently I discovered this great photo of an A&GW steam locomotive. Back in 1865, when this photo was taken, the railroad operated on rails with a 6ft gauge (the space between each rail).


This 4-4-0 steam locomotive entered service in 1865. The65,000 pounds locomotive’s drivers were 66″ with 16″x24″ cylinders.

Full Steam Ahead

Today those same rails are a standard 4′ 8.5″ and operated by a subsidiary of the Wheeling and Lake Erie Railroad. The ABC, as the little railroad is known, is what remains of the former Akron & Barberton Belt.  Years ago I created an archive of information about this little railroad. It was recently updated and can be found at


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