The Choo Choo Bob Show

Making Trainiacs Was Never So Much Fun

choo-choo-bob-showThere is no shortage of children’s shows available. There is however a shortage of quality shows.

Back in 2009 I was introduced to a new series called the Choo Choo Bob Show. It wasn’t until this past year, when our little boys began watching programs, that I truly came to appreciated the quality of this series.

The Choo Choo Bob Show is a live action television show for little train fanatics, but there is plenty action for all ages to enjoy. In each episode, Choo Choo Bob and his friends visit museums, ride trains, sing railroad songs and have lots of goofy fun. The programs are entertaining and educational. As a viewer it doesn’t take long to appreciate the producers understanding of children and passion for trains – it’s a perfect mix.

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Atlantic & Great Western

This locomotive entered service in 1865 on the Atlantic and Great Wetern. It was a Six foot guage locomotive and burned either wood or coal . It weighed 65,000 pounds. It had 66 " drivers and had 16x24 cylinders.

Making Tracks

Not far from my childhood home is a rail bed that once belonged to the Atlantic & Great Western Railroad. Many of my summer afternoons were spent patiently waiting along the rails for a glimpse of the local shortline freight train to pass. Those lazy afternoons gave me time to imagine what it would have been like to see a mighty A&GW train rumble pass.

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