Team Track or “Team” Track?

Trouble is brewing in the Valley (as usual).

The railroad is operating borrowed power from the Akron Terminal today.

The CT&V morning crew was scheduled to make a delivery to the Everett Team Track this morning. Unfortunately, due to a minor grammatical mix-up, that delivery was greatly delayed.

As the sun rose, the consistently 0-10 Valley High School Rangers football team arrived at the team track for an offseason workout. When the train arrived the crew was visibly confused and concerned. Despite attempts to help the team understand what a team track is, the Ranger’s coach continued to insist that train tracks are for trains, and team tracks are for… well, teams. The Rangers refused to leave until the practice was over.

Rangers Vs. CT&V

Becuase there is nothing in their rule book to deal with a situation like this, the train’s crew was forced to simply wait and watch in disbelief.

Hanging on in disbelief.

The railway’s old-timers seized on the opportunity to gather and lament the failures of today’s youth.

That evening, after practice, things got back to normal on the team track.

Unloading tires from the Rubber Capital of the World.

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